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Getting to know  SUCCESS Space work resources (Pay-by-the-minute Private offices, micro offices, work booths, etc.)

Co-working is an idea that has seen increased interest over the last decade. Since the phrase was first coined in 2005 by Brad Neuberg, credited with opening the first true coworking space over a decade ago, co-working has gained great momentum and is now being used by professionals across the globe.

Companies like SUCCESS® Space are making it easier for professionals to embrace co-working setups. Learning about SUCCESS Space Work resources will help entrepreneurs and other professionals embrace the power of co-working in unique ways.

What Is Co-Working?

Co-working is a mutually beneficial arrangement among two or more professionals who share a workspace. This arrangement is ideal for self-employed individuals who want to work alone, yet miss the nuances of having others around for a collaboration.

Collaboration is nothing new. Working around other like-minded people spurs creativity and ensures success. Co-working allows for innovation. Self-employed entrepreneurs no longer have to feel isolated.

What Is SUCCESS® Space?

SUCCESS® Enterprises, LLC created SUCCESS® Space to revolutionize the co-working world. With a wealth of resources at their fingertips, professionals now have the power to collaborate and work together, paying as you go, by the minute, hour, day, week, month, or even year. There are no limits to what SUCCESS Space offers. Exploring the resources below will help professionals determine their options.

Work Booths

Work booths are available through SUCCESS® Space, allowing the self-employed to use this space for small customer meetings, work zones, or a quiet place to take a call. 

Private Offices

Those who need a private office space will also appreciate SUCCESS® Space for its innovative design. Although having people around sparks creativity, for some, it can become a distraction. Private offices allow people to work on their own without noise and other distractions. These private spaces also allow for one-on-one meetings and interviews. Private offices allow entrepreneurs the quiet places they need when working around others is not conducive to accomplishment.

Some of the private office selections are designed for 2-4 people, allowing multiple people from one company to share the space and work together. With customizable options, SUCCESS® Space is ideal for many business professionals.

Micro Offices

Micro offices offer small spaces for individuals who simply need somewhere to carry out work. Whether you need to finish an important report or crunch the latest numbers on your business, these offices are the perfect size for one.

Sometimes, one-person operations only require a small amount of space. There is no reason to rent a complete suite when a micro-office allows for enough room for comfort, without wasted space. These offices offer the ideal setup for new entrepreneurs who are ready to make a splash in the business world.

Certified Coaching Services

SUCCESS® Space not only offers rental spaces for co-working, by-the-minute, short-term and long-term projects, and social and training events, but they will also provide expert coaching services via a SUCCESS® Certified Coach™.

These coaches offer their knowledge and skills to help those just starting in the business world and even seasoned veterans. Certified professional success coaches give much more than encouragement. These professionals provide deep insight into business success, helping professionals reach their goals and stretch beyond their perceived limits.

SUCCESS® Certified Coaches™ provide proven systems for both life and business goals. With one-on-one or group training, these coaches are ready to help others reach their success potential.

With this training, attendees will learn the strategies that will help them make lasting changes that bring in more clients and help establish a firm foundation of commitment. The information learned in these sessions is life-changing and catapults careers.

Besides coaching opportunities with the local SUCCESS® Certified Coach™, there is also a twice-monthly broadcast to the franchise. A national topic from SUCCESS® will be broadcast to all attendees, allowing them to gain further insight into the business world.

After these broadcasts, attendees will have opportunities for hands-on engagement with the local certified coach. The local coach will assist with continued in-person experiences to help attendees gain the most from the offered information.

Other Offerings From SUCCESS® Space

SUCCESS® Space is focused on the success of its franchisees and everyone who uses the space. The following are some offerings that make this innovative opportunity more inviting to investors and customers alike:

  • SUCCESS® Space offers 5,000 square feet of work and collaboration space. 
  • SUCCESS® Offers Franchisees Multiple Streams of Revenue
  • Office and event space rental income
  • Mail reception services
  • Virtual meeting technology
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Discounted health insurance plans
  • Video capabilities
  • Office and event rental
  • Revenue from all café food and beverage sales
  • Virtual technology rental fee income
  • SUCCESS® coaching revenue

SUCCESS® Expands Its Offerings

SUCCESS® has been pursuing the art of personal and professional development since the founding of SUCCESS Magazine in 1897. Since its launch, the company has grown into a full-scale multi-platform media business.

SUCCESS® plans to build these centers in primarily suburban locations, giving up-and-coming professionals a place to pursue their passions, collaborate with others, and launch their dreams into reality.

SUCCESS® wants to help you achieve success in all your business ventures, no matter how great or small. Whether you are interested in becoming a franchise owner or want to rent an office space, you will find these centers are a hub of excitement and offer a brilliant spark.

There are always events fostering independent thinking that goes well beyond the confines of the box. Here, you can meet other like-minded business professionals and even those across the aisle who can share their insight.

These spaces are creating venues that allow people to improve their co-working experiences and even branch out beyond them. From private offices to booth rentals, there is something for every business professional in SUCCESS® Spaces.

Interested in starting your SUCCESS® Space journey? Click here to learn more about creating an environment where a like-minded community of success-driven individuals can come together to work, learn, grow, find inspiration, and inspire others. 

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