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The Value of Coworking

Co-working offers an innovative approach to collaboration, allowing people from all professional backgrounds to spark creativity. More people are co-working than ever, with over a million at present. These numbers are growing at a rapid rate, and we expect the upward movement to continue well beyond the next decade. 

Why Is Co-Working So Attractive to Many?

Co-working has become increasingly appealing to professionals of all walks of life and industries. Those unfamiliar with co-working may be unaware of the appeal. By owning a SUCCESS space, entrepreneurs can encourage networking and the fulfillment of creative ideas. The following are some reasons co-working has become so popular. 

  • Flexibility is one of the attractive features of co-working. With fewer limitations and the ability to control their schedules, professionals seek co-working opportunities with fervor. 
  • The cost of renting or buying office space has become unaffordable for many young entrepreneurs and startups. Co-working is much more affordable and approachable for professionals in all industries. 
  • Co-working spaces provide everything professionals need to get started on their work and collaboration. Furniture, equipment, and meeting areas are all provided. 
  • Networking opportunities abound in co-working environments. Co-working spaces are at the forefront of networking change. Now is the time to get involved. 

Inspirational Quotes About Co-Working

Co-working is here to stay. Those who are hesitant to embrace co-working need to conduct research and learn as much as possible before diving in right away. Allow these quotes to help you understand the value of co-working and why it is transforming the business world, and how we approach collaboration. 

  1. Steve King, Emergent Research at Global Coworking Unconference Conference said, “The industry is young. The future is bright.”
  2. Money Magazine published the following quote. “We expect to see a growing number of flexible workers try coworking–and a growing number of employers embracing coworking as a tool to help their increasingly mobile and flexible workforce to do their best work.”
  3. Susan Ford from The Balance Small Business had this to say about co-working spaces. “From a cash flow perspective, coworking space is ideal for startup entrepreneurs looking for a professional workspace without the high upfront costs and long-term commitment.”
  4. Yifu Huang from Coworking Resources was quoted as saying, “The number of coworking spaces worldwide in 2018 doubled from 2015’s total. This tells us that coworking is more than a fad; it’s an unstoppable international phenomenon.”
  5. posted the following quote about co-working. “Coworking is growing and hybridizing so fast, we’re having a hard time keeping up with it.”
  6. Don Ball, Co-Founder and Chief Social Officer of Fueled Collective said, “Coworking is often considered a millennial venture–strictly for those who are young, starting out and crave the unstructured work environment. While coworking may have begun in this demographic, this is less and less true as coworking becomes increasingly popular. All kinds of workers are realizing they can have a flexible and diverse working environment without sacrificing the professionalism of the office.”

Co-Working Is Transforming the Way People Conduct Business

Co-working spaces represent the future of the business world. Though co-working was first introduced in 2005, this working arrangement has seen profound growth over the last decade. 

Co-working spaces vary in their offerings, but most have wide-open spaces and private meeting areas that allow collaboration and relaxation. With areas specifically designed for social interaction, co-working environments allow for a more effective method of collaboration among like-minded professionals in multiple industry niches.

Some people mistakenly believe a co-working space is a glorified office venue with nothing else to offer, but this is contrary to the truth. In a co-working environment, participants share valuable information and learn from one anothers mistakes. 

Another way co-working is shaping the future of the business world is through productivity gains. Studies have shown the working environment plays an integral role in productivity and employee performance. 

Co-working spaces are designed for the comfort of members. Organizers work to provide the perfect lighting, noise, air quality, and temperature to secure an environment that is conducive to motivation. 

Co-Working Leads to Greater Business Success

Co-working environments help businesses and individuals reach greater success. Organizers work to ensure members have everything they need to reach their full potential in the business world. 

Business owners, freelancers, and employees use these spaces to share their passions, knowledge, and input. Success is bound to occur in such an environment. 

Why Should Entrepreneurs Become Interested in Owning a SUCCESS Space?

Owning a SUCCESS Space franchise offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach success while helping others reach theirs. The following are reasons investors should consider SUCCESS Space franchise ownership.

  • With the upward trajectory of co-working spaces across the world, now is an ideal time to invest. Owning a SUCCESS Space franchise allows investors to gain revenue without the risk they would experience going it alone. 
  • Co-working franchises offer multiple income opportunities that can lead to steady profits for new investors. 
  • By purchasing a franchise, investors will benefit because of the branding of the company. SUCCESS Space is known across the world. With a higher level of branding comes greater interest. 
  • The cost of building a co-working business often holds investors back from pursuing their passion for business ownership. Although there are undoubtedly costs involved in franchise ownership, they are reduced compared to starting from scratch. 
  • Franchise ownership allows for limitless expansion opportunities. Using the company’s intellectual property and guidance, franchise owners will have the opportunity to open multiple spaces to maximize their potential profits. 

Co-Working Continues to Surprise the World

On the world stage, co-working opportunities continue to shine. The number of freelancers is growing rapidly globally. 

What better way is there to be a part of this initiative than to own a space that helps young professionals rise to their passions and meet their challenges head-on?

If you have been considering franchise ownership, you will find no better opportunity than working with SUCCESS. Contact us today to learn more!

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