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SUCCESS Space: It's More Than Just a Coffee Shop

As more people discover the benefits of working on the go, they’re showing that productivity isn’t limited to traditional office spaces. Creativity and innovation can be found anywhere there’s an internet connection, and it’s leading many to achieve a better work-life balance.

When you’d like to stay close to home, though, a SUCCESS Space is a great work-from-anywhere option. Here, you’ll be able to build a stronger network by interacting with those who share the same passions and interests. 

In our coworking spaces, you’ll enjoy the community aspect of an office along with other things that just aren’t found in a traditional setting. Here, we’ll highlight a few reasons to say goodbye to the office and hello to a SUCCESS Space.

Coworking: An Illustrious Past and a Prosperous Future

The idea of coworking isn’t a new one; in fact, it’s been around for almost 20 years. One of the first shared spaces opened in San Francisco in 2005, and the trend has grown over time. Now there are more than 20,000 coworking spaces in cities around the world—and we’re proud to be at the forefront.

Why Coworking Spaces Are So Popular

While there’s still something to be said for the consistency and reliability of the office environment, it’s not right for every company. Many entrepreneurs, startup owners, and business managers are moving toward coworking spaces for the benefits they offer. The benefits aren’t limited to small businesses; in fact, several Fortune 500 companies have opted for coworking spaces over conventional offices because they offer benefits such as:

  • More options. Aside from their modern, clean design, SUCCESS Spaces offer numerous practical advantages. Whether you need space by the minute or by the month, access to discounted health insurance plans, business coaching, and mentorship, or the buying power to access business-only pricing on supplies and equipment, we can help. 
  • A better work-life balance. Because SUCCESS Space franchisees pay attention to the smallest details, we make it easier for our members to strike a balance between work and personal life. With amenities like 24/7 access, concierge support, meeting and lounge areas, mail and delivery reception, high-speed internet access, a full café, and much more, SUCCESS Spaces are truly a home away from home.
  • The flexibility to get things done. Do you shudder at the thought of a traditional 9-5 workday? Do you dislike the idea of being tied to a workstation for hours on end? Coworking spaces like ours give managers and team members the space, scalability, and flexibility to do their jobs. With by-the-minute and by-the-month pricing, there’s a plan for everyone.
  • A feeling of belonging. The events of the last few years have forced companies all over the world to rely on work-from-home strategies. It’s created feelings of isolation and disconnection among the world’s workers, leading many to look elsewhere for the connections and community they are lacking. SUCCESS Spaces allow people from different backgrounds and industries to come together, sharing ideas and solutions in a socially distant, safe, and sanitary setting.
  • Streamlined access for current and potential clients. Many companies, especially startups, choose SUCCESS Spaces because of their convenience. Our franchisees typically choose strategic locations in the heart of large cities’ business districts, providing colleagues and clients a stress-free way to meet. 
  • Getting employees out of their comfort zone. When team members are used to working from home and meeting via Zoom, the social aspects of coworking may take some getting used to. By meeting new people and working in a faster-paced setting, employees will break out of their comfort zones and gain the mental agility needed to foster innovation and creativity.

Whether you’re planning a quick meeting or a multi-day conference, it will be better in a SUCCESS Space. Click to learn more or call today to rent coworking space in a clean, modern environment.

Increased Productivity Equals SUCCESS

Working outside the office is a great idea for some, but it often comes at a cost. It can be difficult for team members to separate their work and personal lives, and it’s even more challenging to start and finish on time.

Distractions and delays are less of a factor in coworking environments such as SUCCESS Spaces. The collaborative, social atmosphere encourages productivity. Instead of continuous interruptions and loud chatter, you’ll be surrounded by committed, focused professionals who are there to get the job done.

Lower Overhead Brings Higher Profits

Commercial office space can be quite costly, especially in densely populated areas. Traditional office leases can run into the thousands of dollars every month, which may put startups and solopreneurs in a financial bind. SUCCESS Spaces offer a viable, cost-efficient solution that allows companies to save money without making too many sacrifices.

Revitalizing Business Strategies by Increasing Exposure to New Ideas

In a traditional office space, you’ll be surrounded by people who, in most instances, are performing many of the same functions. SUCCESS Spaces are a bit different, though, because they give owners, managers, and team members the chance to interact with people from various industries, backgrounds, and abilities. 

A SUCCESS Space for Every Need

Where they once provided solutions for freelancers and telecommuters, coworking spaces have become a trend among businesses of every size and those who:

  • Want to work outside the office without the distractions of home
  • Travel for business and need a temporary workspace
  • Freelance and want to network or collaborate
  • Want to reduce the costs of small business ownership
  • Have built businesses and need scalable space
  • Are used to conventional office spaces but want something different
  • Need short-term space for individual projects

Every month, SUCCESS Space franchises help hundreds of businesses find their perfect workspaces. As industry leaders, we know the office space market and how to help workers and owners find what they’re looking for. Whether you’re new to the concept of coworking or simply looking for a more collaborative out-of-office option, we can help. Click here to find out more, chat with us, or call today to get started.

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