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Entrepreneurs and freelancers often work from home, tackling every part of the job independently. While this can be a fantastic way for someone to work for themselves and make more money, it is hard to do it all alone. Thankfully, this isn’t something today’s entrepreneurs and freelancers have to worry about as much. There are plenty of resources like the ones mentioned below to provide help. 

Time-Tracking Software

There are only so many hours in a day – how is it possible to fit in everything? Time-tracking software like Toggl can be used to keep track of billable hours for clients or to see where time is going during the day to better manage the workday. Various time-tracking software options exist to make it easier to track how time is spent during the day. 

Organization Tools

Keeping everything organized can be challenging, especially when multiple projects are going on at once. Organization tools like Trello cover everything from keeping track of documents to client information and to-do lists. Digital organization using various tools can help keep time spent looking for the correct file to a minimum and help make sure nothing gets misplaced. 

Freelance Job Boards

Freelance job boards like Freelancer can be used to find work to do or to find workers. Freelancers who want to branch out may start by looking at the job boards to find potential clients. They can find quick jobs to make a little money or ongoing jobs to bring in regular income. Ones who are too busy and need a little help can use the job boards to find workers to help with one-time tasks or as an ongoing assistant, depending on what’s required at the time. 

Online Education Courses

Education can make learning everything needed to successfully run a business easier, and there’s always more to learn. It’s not necessary to go back to school and spend hours each day at school or doing homework. Instead, there are online education courses like those available at Udemy that can teach entrepreneurs new skills. Some of them offer certifications of completion, so it is easy to show the skills gained to clients. 

Automation Tools

Ever forget to send out an important email to clients? How about running out of time and not getting a chance to do a simple task? Automation tools like those from Zapier exist to eliminate these issues. Basic tasks can be handled so they’re not forgotten about and don’t take up as much time to tackle. An email automation tool, for instance, can send out emails at the right time, so it’s one less thing to do during the day. Blog automation tools can post content regularly, so there’s always something new for visitors to read. By automating small tasks, it’s easier to focus on the big ones. 

Payment Options

Clients all have their preferred way of paying, which might not be the same as other clients. Payment providers today offer a variety of options, so it’s easy to accept many different types of payments for goods or services. Freelancers can use payment software like Stripe to automate invoices, receive any type of payment from clients, and track payments and expenses for their work. All of this makes it easier to track payments, which means it’s easy to see what’s been done at the end of the year. 

Open-Source Legal Documents

It’s not necessary to spend time creating a contract from scratch or to pay hundreds of dollars to have a lawyer draft one each time it’s needed. Some resources like Docracy provide customizable options for entrepreneurs and freelancers to use if it’s a basic contract, legal disclaimer, or another legal document. Visit the resource online, download the type of document needed, fill in any detailed information, and it’s ready to use. It can take just a few minutes to have a new contract ready to use. 

Crowdfunding Sources

Money can be a problem for those launching a new business or getting started with freelancing, but that’s where crowdsourcing can help. Today, there are various websites like Kickstarter that enable anyone to set up a crowdsourcing fund and receive money from small investors. Typically, the investors will receive something once the project is done, such as the first edition of a product being developed. This can be a great way to bring in the investment money needed to launch a new product and start producing and selling it. 

Coworking Spaces

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs work from home, which can be full of distractions. It’s also not a good place to meet potential clients or buyers. Instead, there are coworking spaces that allow anyone to rent space when needed. Options like Success Space offer plenty of benefits for those who need a place to work, including a café full of delicious treats. These spaces are set up and ready for events, have the latest in technology included, and are ready for anyone to use. There are also unique benefits that members can take advantage of, such as discounts. 

If you’re already an entrepreneur who wants to branch out or a freelancer who is getting ready to expand, or if this is something you’re considering, there are tons of resources available.

SUCCESS Space is looking for entrepreneurs who want to help their community’s productivity thrive.  To learn more, contact us at Success Space and see how easy it is to use a coworking space to have everything you need ready when you want to work. 

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