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Challenges of working from home and how SUCCESS Space can help

The Challenges of Working from Home and How SUCCESS Space Can Help

The number of people working from home has been steadily rising for several years but exploded in 2020. In 2020, the pandemic forced many companies to accommodate remote workers. But the arrangement worked out so well that many employees continue to work from home, either full or part-time. According to Findstack, 99% of people say they would work remotely for life. (Steward, 2022)

Working from home comes with undeniable benefits that include flexibility and freedom. But, with all their advantages, remote workers face some challenges, too. There is little chance to network, and team building is far more complicated than in an office setting. Workers must deal with constant interruptions, isolation, and blurred work-life boundaries.

SUCCESS Enterprises, LLC has launched SUCCESS Space, an innovative coworking solution that solves many remote workers’ problems. Carefully designed coworking spaces are owned by franchisees and include various types of work areas, and advanced technology. They also offer flexible scheduling options and provide amenities, including a café and business coach.

The Flip Side of Working from Home

There is no doubt that working from home is a boon to parents and those who want to avoid long commutes. Remote workers can enjoy a healthier, less rigidly scheduled lifestyle. But, along with the perks, at-home employees also encounter some problematic issues. According to Business Insider (Lusinki, 2019), working from home comes with unique challenges.

There Are Distractions

Productivity can suffer in a home setting since there are no other employees to hold workers accountable. At home, distractions may include pets, kids, and chores. People tend to call because they know workers are at home. Even package deliveries may interrupt the workflow.

It Takes Self-Discipline

There is generally little structure in a work-from-home environment, and most people rely on structure to stay productive. Without an office environment, personal calls can interrupt the workflow, and there’s the temptation to take breaks and snack constantly.

Many remote workers find it hard to maintain a regular schedule and begin sleeping late rather than setting an alarm clock.

Workers Are Isolated

There is a social element to working in an office environment; co-workers are often friends and colleagues. Working at home can become lonely, and remote workers miss the chance to collaborate with others. It also becomes hard to make new contacts, and networking is far more difficult.

Teamwork Is More Complicated

Team building traditionally means Interacting with co-workers in an office environment. While it is still possible to connect with team members via apps like Zoom, teamwork is more complicated for remote workers.

Co-workers build relationships during face-to-face discussions in meetings, at the water cooler, or during lunches. Remote workers can struggle with team building unless they schedule regular face-to-face meetings.

SUCCESS Space Coworking Can Help Remote Workers

“From meeting other business professionals to collaborating on independent projects, coworking spaces can be a shared location where people with varying business ideas can get together and learn from one another. Joining a coworking space means pursuing a new opportunity and participating in a community of business professionals.” (Peek, 2022) SUCCESS Space takes this idea to a whole new level.

SUCCESS Space coworking on-demand rentals are highly flexible. Clients can use an app to rent space in increments of minutes, hours, or days.,

Collaboration Is Simple

Coworking spaces allow home workers to network and collaborate with others and SUCCESS Space is the new frontier in networking. Members can rent micro spaces for small projects or larger areas for collaborative projects, group meetings, and events.

Each franchise location includes SUCCESS World, “a revolutionary platform powered by Virbela that allows clients to collaborate with colleagues and customers from around the globe in an immersive 3D world.” (Member Benefits, 2022)

All the Benefits of the Office

SUCCESS Space members can rent a coworking space part-time or full-time to avoid isolation or distractions. They can choose private micro-offices or work in a more open area.

Many people who work from home find that using a coworking space, full or part-time, makes it easier to stay on schedule and on task. Spaces also include technology such as wi-fi and video capabilities.

Creativity Gets a Boost

Working with others in a coworking environment makes collaboration easier and can help spur creativity. Switching from a home work area can be an effective way to gain a new perspective and identify alternative solutions to business issues.

Onsite Personal Business Coaching Is Invaluable

In a conventional office setting, workers have access to experienced professionals who can mentor them and provide guidance, but that kind of help is rarely available to remote workers. SUCCESS Space addresses this need by making an onsite Certified Coach available to each co-working site.

Coaches can provide business counseling and support. They will help area business owners and entrepreneurs with professional and personal development.

A SUCCESS Space Includes Perks

Individuals who use a SUCCESS Space have access to benefits they wouldn’t get working from home. For example, each venue includes a café that is open to the public and is ideal for breaks and lunch.

Membership also entitles clients to discounted health options, mail reception, and group buying power for equipment and office supplies.

SUCCESS Space Franchises Are the Future

In the last few decades, small businesses and individuals have begun renting shared workspaces to save on rent and better accommodate their needs. The increase in remote workers due to the pandemic boosted the demand for coworking. Many of those forced to work from home are choosing to continue.

The demand for full-service coworking spaces is growing, making this the ideal time to invest in a SUCCESS Space franchise. A franchisee can offer cost-effective office space, cutting-edge technology, access to professional business coaching, and invaluable member benefits.

“For franchisees, the innovative concept offers multiple revenue streams including office and event space rental fees, café food and beverage sales, virtual technology rental fees, and income from SUCCESS coaching offerings.” (Globe Newswire, 2021)

The 125-year-old SUCCESS brand behind SUCCESS Space is well-respected in the business world, making it easy to attract clients, business owners, and members. Learn more about how you can own your own SUCCESS Space.

If you have been considering franchise ownership, you will find no better opportunity than working with SUCCESS. Contact us today to learn more!

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