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Why your company should consider empowering your employees to work near their home

Why Your Company Should Consider Empowering Employees to Work Near Their Home

Many companies are having employees return to the workplace today. While Covid-19 remains a concern, these companies have taken steps to mitigate the spread of the virus. Humans know more now about how to prevent it from affecting operations, and there are vaccines and treatments available. However, returning to the workplace may not be the best solution for all workers.

Business owners are finding they benefit when they empower employees to work near their homes. They have discovered this to be an excellent compromise between returning to the workplace and working from home. What are the benefits of offering this solution today? SUCCESS Space highlights these benefits.

Reduced Commute

In 2018, reported the average commute time in America was 50 minutes, and the length of this commute affected employee satisfaction. A study conducted in England found that adding 20 minutes to a person’s commute time was the equivalent of giving the employee a 19 percent pay cut. This increased commute led to less employee satisfaction.

However, the length of the commute was only part of the equation. The mode of transportation also affected employee satisfaction. Individuals taking part in this study who rode a bike or walked to work were more satisfied than those who rode a bus or train. The researchers found every minute spent commuting to and from work led to employees having less time for leisure activities. (1)

Companies that allow employees to work near their homes find this reduced commute time offers many benefits. New hires are less likely to be tardy when their commute time decreases. Absenteeism rates decrease and employees stay with the company longer. Employee engagement increases and error rates decline. Furthermore, employee stress levels drop. (2)

Offering co-working solutions employees can benefit from close to their homes will help avoid these problems. Employees can choose to use one of these solutions on those days when going into the office will lead to issues. SUCCESS Space allows workers to get their tasks done without the hassle of commuting to the workplace.

The Drawbacks of Working From Home

An employer may believe the simple solution is to allow employees to work at home‌. However, this option comes with drawbacks. For example, people often find it difficult to achieve a good work-home balance when they combine the two by working at home.

People often find it challenging to concentrate on work tasks when they work at home. The doorbell may ring because neighbors see the car in the driveway. The pile of dirty laundry needs to be done and serves as a distraction, while family members may assume there will be time to run errands for them.

Some employees find it difficult to remain motivated when they work at home rather than in the office. There is nobody to ensure tasks get done, so it is easy to fall behind. Certain workers don’t need somebody to keep them motivated, but this can be a problem for other people.

Family members, pets, and neighbors serve as distractions when a person is on a work call. Additionally, the worker may lack the necessary office equipment to complete the tasks they have been assigned. These serve as only a few of the drawbacks associated with working from home. (3)

SUCCESS Space helps to eliminate distractions while proving motivation for workers. Employees come together with like-minded individuals. This serves as only one of many benefits associated with using a space of this type.

Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

Co-working overcomes many of the drawbacks associated with working at home. However, it offers benefits far beyond this. What can an employer expect when they allow employees to work closer to home with the help of these co-working spaces?

Productivity increases when an employee uses a coworking space. They don’t have the distractions of home. The space resembles an actual office and helps them move into work mode. This also helps keep employees motivated. Others who are working surround them, which puts them in the right mindset to get things done.

Employers find creativity increases when a person spends time in a coworking setting. They get a new perspective on things and might find a solution to a problem they have been having. They may find a mentor who can guide them through different solutions and provide insight into various situations the employee encounters.

Co-working allows employees to network with individuals they may not meet while in the office. This benefits not only the employee but also the company‌. Employees from different organizations can connect and work together on projects. The employee may learn new skills through this partnership, and the increase in skills benefits the company.

Employers find they save money by allowing workers to remain closer to home. They use the space available in the workplace for those employees who must be on site. Workers who follow a hybrid work model don’t need a desk every day, so multiple employees can share these spaces. The company gets the same work done but doesn’t pay the same in overhead.

Employers love the flexibility of coworking spaces. They only pay for space when they need it. The only drawback they might encounter is the space may not be available on the desired date. However, this is less of an issue when a company works with an established co-working space provider, such as SUCCESS Space. (4)

The Popularity of Hybrid Working

Many people today embrace the concept of hybrid working. Companies need to recognize this if they wish to attract top talent. SUCCESS Space makes it easy to offer this option to employees without the worry of productivity suffering and things of that nature.

Any employer looking to provide more options for employees should consider co-working spaces. They offer many benefits for the employees and the employers. When a worker feels empowered to work closer to home, their job satisfaction increases. They have more time for the things they enjoy in life because they spend less time engaging in tasks related to work.

SUCCESS Space offers companies and entrepreneurs a co-working space. It does much more than this, however. Members receive access to discounted healthcare options along with group buying power features. 

If you have been considering franchise ownership, you will find no better opportunity than working with SUCCESS. Contact us today to learn more!


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