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While co-working is becoming a popular choice, it is vital participants practice etiquette to ensure a cohesive working environment for all.

Everything You Need to Know About Co-Working Etiquette

While co-working is becoming a popular choice, it is vital participants practice etiquette to ensure a cohesive working environment for all. Although many professionals have always used co-working spaces, some are new to these working environments and may not understand the proper etiquette to use. While most involve a common-sense approach, some may not be obvious to everyone.

What Is a Co-Working Space?

A co-working space is one that is shared by multiple companies or professionals. People work individually or in teams in these spaces. Co-working centers have proven valuable for increased productivity and cost-effectiveness.

These shared office spaces offer amenities, such as fresh-brewed coffee, high-speed Internet, office furnishings, private and group areas, and after-hour events and training sessions.

Of course, when people use these spaces, they need to be mindful of the needs of others. Being considerate of others ensures a safe and productive working environment that fosters collaboration.

Tips for Practicing Co-Working Etiquette

Practicing etiquette is essential for those participating in co-working environments. The following tips are beneficial to those new to these working environments who want to ensure they do not disturb others.

1. Bring Headphones

Whether people enjoy listening to podcasts, music, or videos, wearing headphones is essential in a co-working environment. Some people working in these environments may require supreme focus.

Noises from other participants in the co-working space can become a source of distraction. If wearing headphones is impossible, limit the sound or listen in a more private environment.

2. Be Considerate of the Space

While co-working environments offer private spaces, there are communal areas in these buildings. When using communal areas, always practice consideration. Do not monopolize too much space and clean up any messes.

Keeping these areas free of clutter and allowing room for everyone to use the space is critical for keeping co-working beneficial to all. Staying mindful of how much space a person uses will keep them considerate of others.

3. Use Call Booths Whenever Possible

Most co-working environments offer call booths in communal areas. People use these booths for more than making private phone calls. Because they are soundproof, call booths are perfect places for talking freely without disturbing other workers.

It is essential to follow the rules of the co-working center. Some centers require users to reserve these booths, and others offer them on a first-come, first-served basis. Learning the rules of using communal areas is vital.

4. Watch the Time

Time is an integral commodity in co-working spaces. When reserving a space for a specific time period, paying attention to the clock is essential. Do not go over the time. Be considerate of others who are waiting to use the space. It is also important to remember time constraints when using first come, first served areas because others may be waiting.

5. Honor Boundaries

Just because the space is being shared by others does not mean there are no boundaries. It is important to remember that collaboration is not welcome by everyone at every time.

People should be mindful of others and the way they operate in their workflow. When possible, do not interrupt anyone. It is wise to get to know co-workers and learn as much as possible about their habits and workflow to understand how to interact with them without causing distractions.

6. Offer Assistance

Collaboration is the foundation of all co-working spaces. Utilizing the expertise of others offers a unique perspective that can launch projects out of the mundane and into greatness.

It is essential to remember to not only take but also to give. If co-workers find a person who never helps others, they are going to be less willing to offer assistance. Offer help whenever it seems welcome. Individuals should make themselves available to others.

7. Follow the Rules

Rules are essential for keeping order in co-working spaces. Workers should familiarize themselves with the rules and stick with them. For instance, some co-working centers have rules about no pets. When workers do not follow the rules, chaos and resentment can set in and lead to problems among co-workers.

8. Restrict Visitors

While co-working center users are encouraged to schedule client meetings and partner with others, this is not the place to invite a best friend or spouse to hang out for the day.

Co-workers should limit the number of visitors coming to the center. Too many people can crowd the space and cause more distractions. The only people that should visit are those that are there for work-related causes. If visitors come in, make sure they stay no longer than necessary.

Co-Working Spaces Foster Collaboration and Inspiration

Success begins with a firm foundation of knowledge and the pursuit of quality. Studies have proven those who collaborate see greater success.

Co-working spaces are ideal for fostering communication and helping people share knowledge. Those seeking a place to pursue success will find co-working centers ideal.

Following the tips above will help co-workers become successful while working together. Being mindful of the rules and considerate of others goes a long way towards allowing people to work cohesively together.

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