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Flexible Work: The Benefits of This New Workplace Trend

Coworking first became popular among startup owners and freelancers, but it is quickly gaining traction among companies that once embraced the traditional 9-5 office setting. In a SUCCESS Space, employees from all walks of life can work on different projects in the same location. While workers are self-sufficient for the most part, they’re always there to encourage, motivate, and advise one another when it’s needed. Here, we’ll look at how coworking has allowed companies everywhere to get in on the flexible work trend.

Helping SMBs Reach Their Full Potential

Roughly 38% of those in coworking environments work for or run small- to medium-sized businesses. Coworking brings everyone together, which makes it easier for founders and team members to grow their professional networks. Not only are SUCCESS Spaces flexible, but they also help companies cut overhead while connecting with others.

Coworking Improves Flexibility and Productivity

One of the best things about SUCCESS Space franchise ownership is that it brings like-minded individuals together. When everyone has a common goal—even if they’re working on different projects—it’s easy to draw on others’ expertise when challenges are encountered. In these modern and flexible coworking spaces, users won’t have to go far to find inspiration, guidance, and empowerment. Because there’s no commute and no hold time, productivity will naturally increase.

Coworking also involves brainstorming and the acquisition of new abilities from a diverse team. Those who work in flexible offices gain the knowledge needed to become creative, competent industry leaders, and that experience allows them to complete assignments faster than expected.

When teams share ideas freely, everyone can work within their area of expertise. Because flexible workplaces make it easier for each person to narrow their focus, teams spend less time fixing mistakes and more time getting things done.

Bringing the “Work” Back to Remote Work

Coworking offers work-from-home employees numerous benefits. Working remotely offers more freedom, but it’s important to use it responsibly. In the coworking environment, WFH colleagues get socialization, flexibility, and structure in equal measure.

Adaptability Makes Workers Happier

Millennials make up approximately one-third of the American workforce. People in this age group tend to place an enormous emphasis on workplace friendships and personal connections, and SUCCESS Spaces allow them to form these lasting ties. When workers are more motivated and engaged, they are more satisfied with their overall lives.

Bringing the Human Touch to the Workplace

When workers are confined to cubicles, they often forget that they’re part of a team that’s made up of other people just like them. In the rigid, inflexible workplaces of the past, bosses often set unattainable goals simply because they weren’t sure what was going on at work.

When people work in flexible environments, however, even their bosses can see what they go through every day. Similarly, employees will see that their bosses are human, too, with imperfect capabilities, expectations, and valid feelings. Flexible workplaces allow managers and supervisors to assist in employees’ professional development while giving those workers the push they need to excel.

Creating a Better Work-Life Balance

Over the past three years, many people have shifted to the WFH or work-from-home operational model. While working from home does offer numerous benefits, there are drawbacks to consider. It’s hard to leave work at the door at the end of the day, and it can be equally tough to focus on your work when interruptions are common. Because of the collaborative, cooperative nature of today’s flexible coworking spaces, there’s little room for intrusive thoughts. By giving workers a place to clear their minds and focus on the job at hand, SUCCESS Space franchisees help users strike a better work-life balance.

Built-In Flexibility

Freelancers, professionals, and companies can rent fully equipped spaces with dedicated work areas, meeting rooms, furnishings, and other amenities. Commutes are significantly shortened or eliminated entirely, which gives companies greater scheduling flexibility. And, because leases go by the day, week, or month, these spaces can grow as a company’s needs change.

Here are just a few of the flexible work solutions SUCCESS Spaces provides:

  • Coworking. At their most basic, today’s coworking spaces offer a communal work environment where people from various industries and backgrounds can come together. SUCCESS Spaces come with everything companies and individuals need to succeed, such as wireless internet access, conference areas, desks, and printers, as well as great bonuses like cafés and proximity to shopping, dining, and nightlife. Users will also find ‘hot desks’, which means they can work whenever and wherever they’d like.
  • Dedicated work areas. Some users need the consistency that comes with being able to call a space their own. With dedicated desks, members can enjoy privacy and reliability without sacrificing flexibility.
  • Private offices. Increasingly, our users are requesting private office spaces. By renting rooms in a SUCCESS Space, business owners and entrepreneurs can carve out their own spaces in our flexible workplace while leveraging our flexible, adaptable, and useful amenities.

SUCCESS Space franchisees offer a range of coworking options, each with its own features and benefits. We’re here to take the complexity and difficulty out of finding flexible workspaces by offering memberships in the right locations and at the right prices. Contact your local SUCCESS Space franchisee today to learn how we can help you host events, impress clients, attract top talent, and find creative inspiration every workday.

SUCCESS Space Franchises Give Companies Room to Grow

Adaptability is a valuable quality in today’s fast-paced and competitive workplaces. Companies, no matter their size, will benefit from the offering of flexible work arrangements without sacrificing results. SUCCESS Spaces enable that level of flexibility, allowing teams and individuals to keep pace with changing demands. 

Whether you’re a startup owner, a solopreneur, or the owner of a small- to medium-sized business, the companionship, advice, cooperation, and creativity you’ll find in a SUCCESS Space is priceless. Learn more about our amenities by chatting with one of our specialists or call a franchisee near you for additional information.

Check out the advantages of a SUCCESS Space franchise today and prepare for the future now. 

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