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SUCCESS Space offers an innovative coworking concept that allows owners and users to embrace the ever-changing business landscape. Over our years in the industry, we've developed a reliable business model that helps franchise owners build wealthier, stronger futures while meeting consumers' demand for accessible, comfortable, and high-tech coworking spaces. As the business world continues to evolve and more companies move to a hybrid work model, our franchise opportunity becomes even more relevant. SUCCESS Space has gained a solid reputation by supporting its franchisees at every step in their journeys. Why We Lead the Flexible Workspace Field As the world changes to include more non-traditional workspaces, SUCCESS Space has become an industry leader. We're here to help risk-takers, dreamers, and doers run their businesses and achieve their goals while offering the entrepreneurial support they deserve. Our coworking space franchise allows owners to become part of a world-class brand that emphasizes lead generation and growth. We realize that our franchisees' achievements are our own, and that's why we give them everything needed to start and operate their businesses. We're getting in on the ground floor by: Celebrating and supporting our members and their companies Offering convenient suburban locations that allow owners and members to stay close to their homes Maintaining a focus on privacy without sacrificing openness and transparency Providing 24/7 and by-the-minute access for every member Using modern design elements to create functional workspaces At SUCCESS Space, we want to share in your accomplishments. Contact us to learn more about franchise opportunities in your area. Repeatable Results SUCCESS Space has positioned itself to give entrepreneurs, startup owners, and small business owners the advanced, comfortable coworking spaces they need. With our safe, affordable, and suburban locations, we fill a special market niche. The flexible workspace field is seeing astronomical growth, which likely won't stop any time soon. Consider these facts: Up to 40% of commercial real estate tenants have expressed interest in coworking spaces. Flexible office space is the industry's fastest growing segment. The coworking sector has grown by at least 23% each year since 2010. At SUCCESS Space, we're here to meet the changing demands of today's workers. Our team members are ready to help new franchisees get their businesses up and running fast, with all the resources needed to serve customers while building wealth. A Great Investment and an Incredible Opportunity When franchisees invest with SUCCESS Space, they quickly see that our business model gives them a clear, defined path toward prosperity and growth. We've focused on eliminating unnecessary costs while using strategies that allow owners to see high returns on their investments. With efficient floor plans, on-site amenities, and other perks, there'll be much less for franchisees to worry about. As an owner, you'll work regular hours with like-minded people while receiving coaching, education, and training from our franchise support team. Call now or contact us by email for additional information. You're Not Just a Franchisee, You're a Member of the Family At SUCCESS Space, we embrace the principles of family, friendship, and collaboration—and those ideals are reflected in our business interactions and practices. We are committed to authenticity, cooperation, and helping others succeed. In our franchisee training program, you'll receive ongoing support from skilled professionals who share your focus. Our consultants provide training and support in areas such as: Commercial real estate purchasing, building design, and construction Marketing and sales Member help desks Technology Advisory services With all these benefits it's easy to see how SUCCESS Space franchisees can maximize the value of their investments. Find out more by clicking here or chatting with us today. Diverse Revenue Streams SUCCESS Spaces provides multiple revenue streams to aspiring business owners. With on-site cafés that are open to the public and to members, these workspaces are the perfect place to catch up over a cup of coffee. Other features, such as event spaces and coaching services, provide more potential revenue sources. Smaller Size, Bigger Profits Despite all the benefits coworking spaces provide, there's one major drawback: their vast size. SUCCESS Spaces come with smaller footprints, which means there's less overhead and more profit potential. Gaining an Advantage Over Competitors When building a business, the first step is to find and fulfill a market need. Once that's done, consider how available coworking models may perform in the community and find out how each model may help differentiate your business from others. With all their amenities and advanced technology, SUCCESS Space incorporates services that turn businesses into fully-fledged remote work experiences. Become a franchise owner, stand above the competition, and help other businesses succeed! Giving Workers the Space They Need When They Need It Having a space for employees, owners, and business owners to share ideas is important—and SUCCESS Space provides it. With on-demand office rentals by the month, week, hour, or minute, there's plenty of room and time to get it all done. Members can book time on the app or rent spaces in advance, and onsite concierges provide additional assistance. Location, Location, Location It's a common saying in real estate, and it applies to the coworking field. Most spaces are in cities, which may seem convenient—but many companies already have offices there, which defeats the purpose of a flexible office space! By focusing on untapped suburban markets, new franchise owners can find people where they shop, live, and work. A SUCCESS Space will meet the professional community's needs, becoming a welcome addition to any area. A Continued Need for Flexible Workspaces During the Great Resignation, it became apparent that people needed different ways to work—and that trend will likely continue this year and beyond. With millions of workers using flexible office spaces, the demand has never been higher. As the industry keeps growing, SUCCESS Space will be there to meet that demand.

As retailers, offices, and nonessential services continue to reopen, workers and consumers have been forced to change their routines and adjust their expectations. At SUCCESS Space, we are working hard to help our franchisees’ operations run smoothly and safely.

Opening a coworking space franchise is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to build a business, and it’s becoming a popular option as people decide to work for themselves. There is still uncertainty in the job market, which means more workers want to take control of their destinies.

There are multiple reasons why flexible workspace franchises are less risky than other business opportunities, and we will discuss some of these factors below.

We Offer a Tried and True Business Model

SUCCESS Space franchises offer the security of a tested and proven business model that’s been replicated hundreds of times across the country. From staffing concerns and geographical preferences to procedural upgrades and technology issues, it’s likely that another franchisee has been through it. With other owners as well as our advisory team, you’ll find it easier to resolve issues and prevent them from reoccurring.

Providing Essential Services to Other Business Owners

Because SUCCESS Spaces provide mail drop-off and reception as well as other crucial services, all our locations are open for business during these trying times. In addition to the help listed above, our franchisees also offer virtual assistance and other services to members.

Open and private meeting rooms and offices are available to rent by the month, day, hour, or minute, and drop-in coworking spaces can be utilized with social distancing measures in place. At SUCCESS Space, we want our owners and members to rest assured that we are taking their safety and health seriously.

Industry Insights and Specialized Knowledge

We are always looking for ways to maximize our franchisees’ profit potential, and we do it by providing innovative insights that allow owners to set themselves apart from the competition. From periodic reviews of industry-specific legislation and regulations to adjusting product offerings and marketing strategies, we are constantly working toward a singular goal—your success.

More Purchasing Power

Many of our franchisees come to us because they want to be part of something bigger than themselves, and an increase in purchasing power is one of the most significant benefits they attain. During times of economic uncertainty, we and our franchisees leverage crucial relationships to get discounts on vital products and services. When we buy in bulk, we protect the supply chain and minimize the risk of disruption, and our nationally recognized name instills trust and confidence in owners, vendors, and members alike.

Achieving More by Working Together

One of the biggest reasons new business owners invest in SUCCESS Space franchises is the level of assistance we provide. Training and support are vital to new franchisees’ success, and our programs are a primary reason many of our owners have chosen to collaborate with us. Just as valuable and important, however, is the support you will receive from fellow franchisees. 

Every SUCCESS Space owner has unlimited access to a vast network of people who are all running the same operational model, and their experience, knowledge, and unique perspectives make it easier to share ideas and overcome obstacles.

Building on the Strength of the Coworking Sector

The flexible workspace/coworking category has gone through tough times before, and it will endure these tribulations as well. During the economic downturn of 2008, the industry lost little of its occupancy, and it rebounded afterward thanks to the needs of small business owners and property investors. Even as the pandemic goes on, our member retention and inquiry rates remain high. We are always welcoming new members and franchisees, and we invite you to contact us today.

Staying On Top of the Game

As industries everywhere continue to change, it can be hard for business owners to keep up with economic, procedural, and regulatory developments. SUCCESS Space franchisees have the comfort and advantage of knowing that our support and foresight will help them survive and thrive.

We will continue to coordinate company-wide responses and publicize new procedures and policies while guiding and nurturing our franchisee network. At SUCCESS Space, it’s our job to stay on top of the game, working to protect our owners’ interests. 

Why Buy a SUCCESS Space Franchise in 2023?

Now is the right time to connect with our team and learn more about the profit potential of franchise ownership. The coworking model continues to grow, and our diverse revenue streams offer numerous ways to make money. With low staffing requirements, convenient scheduling, and access to a diverse professional network, there has never been a better time to be a franchise owner. Contact our team by phone or online chat to learn how we’re striking the perfect balance between work-from-home and the traditional office setting.

Build a Stronger Future With Us

With its coaching services and magazine, SUCCESS Enterprises has been in the professional and personal development field for over one hundred years. Now, we’re bringing these vital connections into your world with SUCCESS Space franchises, where we encourage like-minded people from all social classes to work toward common goals. Whether your members rent space by the hour or for the long term, these coworking spaces are a wonderful place for professionals to come together, share ideas, and get things done. 

Unlike some other franchises in the coworking space and beyond, our unique opportunity is designed to diversify owners’ revenue streams. From on-site cafés and award-winning designs to our proven business coaching services, we make it easy for new owners to make confident investment decisions. 

Check out the advantages of a SUCCESS Space franchise today and prepare for the future now. 

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