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How Will Coworking Cafes Fit into the Future of Hybrid Work Models?

The way of work has been changing rapidly over the past few years. While the number of work-from-home jobs has exploded with the internet and better connectivity, most jobs require workers to be present in person during the week. In recent years, that has changed, and the hybrid work model is now gaining popularity. Yet, it’s not perfect. There are challenges to the hybrid work model that many companies today are using. Could coworking cafes be the answer?

The Evolution of Where to Work

For decades, workers have woken in the morning, gotten ready for the day, and gone into the office to get started. After putting in eight hours at the office, they head back home. Many workers have a long commute to and from work each day, sitting in traffic with others who have to be at their office and leave at the same time, five days a week. With the technological advances in the internet, some jobs allowed for remote work, which would mean no commute, no traffic, and less time to get ready in the morning.

When the pandemic began, lockdowns were the norm. To keep businesses afloat, many offices had employees start working from home. Working from home kept everything going, yet kept workers home to help slow the spread and protect employees from getting sick. During this time, many businesses realized that workers could still be productive when working from home and didn’t need to come into the office each day.

As the new normal set in, companies started asking employees to come back to the office to work. However, employees who had gotten used to working from home balked at this. They wanted to continue working from home – they were just as productive but didn’t have to deal with traffic or worry about being late to pick up the kids.

Creating the Right Balance Between Home and Work

The hybrid work model helps to balance work and home life. By being able to work from home, parents can spend more time with their kids, single workers are able to have more time to socialize, and everyone can have a little more downtime to relax and enjoy life. Working in the office makes it easier to collaborate with coworkers and make sure projects get done. The hybrid model combines the two options, creating a better alternative that many companies are starting to offer.

With the hybrid model, workers have more flexibility. There may be days they are required to come into the office, but they can work from home some days, too. Some companies offer the ability to work from home part of the week, reducing the number of in-office days, while others allow employees to have more of a choice for when they come to the office and when they work from home. This flexibility is excellent for a lot of workers, but many find that working from home isn’t as perfect as they’d like. That’s where other options may be beneficial.

Coworking Cafes – The Perfect Option?

Working from home eliminates the morning and afternoon commute problem, allows for more relaxed and comfortable clothing during the day, and presents several other benefits for employees. Unfortunately, it’s not all perfect, as it can be challenging to work from home. Kids and pets can interrupt during the day, and there may be too many distractions like making sure things are cleaned up or starting to plan the next vacation. However, a coworking café provides a quiet workspace with everything needed to get work done, without all of the distractions and without having to drive to the office.

Coworking cafes provide a better ambiance than working from home and eliminate the downsides of using a home office for work. There is plenty of space to set up and do work, fewer distractions, and fresh coffee or other beverages as needed throughout the day. Those who don’t want to go into the office yet need a distraction-free environment to get work done can go to a coworking café as often as needed.

How Coworking Cafes Fit Into the Hybrid Work Model

The hybrid model allows employees to work in the office sometimes and at home at other times. Though this is far more flexible for workers, there are downsides to working from home. Using a coworking café, employees can avoid going into the office yet have a comfortable place set up to get as much work done as they need during the day. A coworking café complements the hybrid work model, providing employees with additional choices for where and how they want to work during the day. The more options the employee has, the more likely it is that they’ll find something that works for them. Once the employee finds suitable options for them, they’ll be more productive and create a better personal work-life balance.

The SUCCESS Space Coworking Cafes

A coworking café has to have the right ambiance, right amenities, and more to create a successful shared workspace that employees can use whenever they want to work from home without actually being in the home office. That’s precisely what the SUCCESS Space coworking cafes offer. SUCCESS Space cafe These cafesoffers include gourmet coffee as well as pastries, sandwiches, snacks, and a lot more. They provide the perfect setting, relaxing yet inspiring productivity, for any type of employee and make it easy to collaborate or work alone. Space is available to book by the minute through the app, and workers can choose their own time to work, day or night, to find their unique schedule.

The future of work is changing. Though the pandemic made work from home far more popular with employees, many companies today opt for the hybrid model to combine working in the office and from home. Coworking cafes are an excellent option for those who want a more comfortable, relaxed space that provides everything they need while working. Fitting well into the hybrid model, coworking cafes like the SUCCESS Space provide everything workers need and a whole lot more.

Now is the time to take advantage of this growing trend by joining the SUCCESS Space franchise network. Reach out today to find out how to get started.

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