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What Makes a Productive, Optimized Workspace?

The world is changing, and it’s happening fast. Today’s workspaces are much different from those of just a few years ago, and founders are increasingly focused on creating challenging, exciting, and welcoming work environments. The modern workplace is a place where creativity blossoms and careers thrive.

What can organizations do to continue the upward trend, and how can executives ensure that workspaces are places where their colleagues want to be? To answer those questions, we’ll list some of the most important characteristics of an optimized, productive work environment.

Start With the Building Blocks of Wellness and Health

Now that people are going back to the office—and because they spend up to one-third of their lives at work—it’s more important than ever that workspaces are outfitted with supportive and comfortable furniture. Especially in offices where workers sit for most of the day, workstations should be flexible and ergonomic. For instance, adjustable chairs with lumbar support promote better posture and alleviate the physical stress caused by desk jobs.

Desks, when used, should be height adjustable. Workers will be able to stretch, move about, and stand or sit when they choose to do so. These and other furnishing features offer numerous health benefits that make them a crucial component of a healthy and productive workplace.

Encourage Collaboration and Build Diversity

Today’s companies value teamwork and learning, which makes coworking an ideal option for startup owners and entrepreneurs everywhere. When people from different organizations work in the same space, it’s easier to learn new ideas, and those who have been in the business for years can show their new colleagues the ropes. By fostering a spirit of collaboration and mentorship, owners will find it easier to attract and retain workers of various abilities and backgrounds.

Delineate Open Spaces

In a fast-paced office environment, movement and noise are inevitable—at the expense of employees’ productivity and focus. Open office layouts are popular, even in coworking spaces, which means that it’s easier to break someone’s concentration.

Make it easier on your team and change up those open spaces with shelves, indoor plants, bookcases, or anything else that breaks up the monotony of row upon row of workstations. To bring a feeling of privacy without sacrificing collaborative ability, use lockers, filing cabinets, and other large furnishings to separate work areas.

Create a Space That’s Conducive to Cooperation

Coworking requires a great deal of collaboration, and startup owners should outfit their spaces with that fact in mind. By creating an area that makes teamwork easier, entrepreneurs also create a buffer zone between quiet areas and the rest of the facility. An optimized workplace should include an open area with plenty of large tables and seating, which will bring the entire team together.

Choose the Right Equipment

When getting into a coworking space, entrepreneurs and startup owners must consider the types of equipment they’ll offer to employees. For instance, the efficiency, storage capacity, and speed of desktop and laptop computers have a significant effect on a team’s performance.

As you’re outfitting the workspace, choose devices with an easy-to-use operating system and enough memory to accomplish important office tasks. If the company hasn’t yet gone paperless, invest in a quality copier and printer, as well as other equipment that will make the team’s working life easier.

Ask for Team Members’ Feedback

Before upgrading or redesigning a workspace, set some goals and do a bit of research. Assess the challenges the team faces, ask how the new space can serve their needs, and find ways to adapt the design as those needs change.

Hold discussions and do surveys to determine team members’ work styles and decide what will happen in the new space. Once you’ve gotten the appropriate feedback, review it and form an action plan. While it’s not necessary to implement all recommendations and views, it’s vital to ensure that everyone feels validated, heard, and included.

Build a Wow-Worthy Workspace

Today’s workers don’t need high-rise office buildings to feel invigorated and productive. In the right coworking space, it’s easy for teams to work comfortably, safely, and efficiently. An optimized workspace is one where people can move easily, exchange ideas freely, and build a culture of inclusivity and creativity.

Now is the time to take advantage of this growing trend by joining the SUCCESS Space franchise network. Reach out today to find out how to get started.

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